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Painting and Fabrication

 We can handle all aspects of your project, including design, fabrication and finishing services.  We specialize in plastic, metal, wood and foam fabrication.

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Metal Fabrication

From cutting to welding, bending to forming, we can handle the metal fabrication needed to get your project done. We work primarily with aluminum and steel but occasionaly with copper and brass.


Wood Fabrication

From Oak interior wall units to Ceder outdoor sandblasted signs we offer many wood sign options. We can stain the wood to bring out it’s natural beauty or paint to match almost any color and finish.


Plastic Fabrication

We work with Acrylic, PVC, ABS and more. Services include cutting, hot and cold bending, forming, welding and gluing.


Foam Fabrication

There are a couple foams available for the sign industry. We work with EPS (encapsilated polystyrene) primarily for indoor applications and HDU (high desnsity urethane). HDU is a dense foam that can be finished to almost any appearance and holds up for many years outdoor.


Painting Services

We can design and show you how your building could look after we paint your name and logo on the fascade. Once you approve the computer design we’ll prepare the  stencils and paint the design to your building.


For the majority of permanent exterior signs you will need to secure a permit from your local city building department.

Being licensed contractors we can supply all the necessary drawings in addition to filing and securing the permits needed to install your sign.

Graphic Design

Not all of our clients have artwork ready to output. Our talented graphics team can re-create or enhance your design and save in many different formats. Quite often were given the opportunity to work directly with the client, brainstorming to create the logo that fits your business the best.

Starting from the basics? Schedule a consultation so we can help kick-start your design ideas.

CNC Routing

We offer routing and cutting services utilizing a CNT Motion Systems 5′ x 10′ CNC Router table.

Dimensional signs and letters from plastic, wood, metal or foam.

We can also cut parts or shapes with large production runs or single prototyping.

Consultation Services

Available for on and off site consulting. Have some ideas, but don’t know where to start? We can help! Our talented team can meet with you to get things started.

We can perform simple site surveys evaluating the placement for a sign or an in depth comprehensive study offering planning advice for budget and design purposes.


We can install just about any type of sign from interior architechural directories to exterior backlit channel letters. We have a trained professional staff with one goal in mind, to install your sign right the first time. We are licensed California contractors and maintain all the required insurance including workers compensation and general liability.